The Washington State Bar Association, created by the Bar Act of 1933, came to an end on September 30, 2016 when the WSBA Bylaws were significantly amended.

During the afternoon of that day, the WSBA Board of Governors acted to re-form the bar association into an association which includes new mandatory members and mandatory dues payers. The members are lawyers, limited practice officers (APR 12), and limited license legal technicians (APR 28). The “new” WSBA will also operate discipline systems for the groups of new members.

This new association is referred to herein as “WSBA 2017″ or “New WSBA.”  The previous association is referred to “WSBA 1933” or “Old WSBA.”

  1.  Complaint (doc_1_complaint).
  2. A non-suit has been taken in the case, case dismissed.

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