Case XIX — WSBA Email Addresses

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I have a hearing before Judge Ray Clary of the Spokane Superior Court.  It is on my motion the WSBA and Executive Director Littlewood be ordered to give me (a member of the WSBA) a data file of email addresses of WSBA members.  The basis for the motion is common law and the right of members of an association to obtain information of other members for association purposes.

The WSBA resists saying such records fall under GR 12.4 WSBA Access to Records, the “public records” section of the General Rules.  I have tried that before. 

Here is what I say:

  1. 2018_01_22_Motion_Summary_Judgment
  2. 2018_01_22_Brief_Support_Motion_Summary_Judgment
  3. 2018_01_22_Declaration_Eugster
  4. 2018_02_19_Reply Response to Motion to Dismiss_Final
  5. Motion to Dismiss 2018_07_02_
  6. Memo ISO Motion to Dismiss
  7. Order Granting Motion to Dismiss
  8. Notice of Appeal 2018_06_15_16_17_51

Motion for Attorney Fees, RCW 4.84.185 

  1. Motion for attorney fees and expenses (final) (1)
  2. Memo ISO motion for attorney fees and expenses (final)
  3. 2018_09_13_Response_Fees_Motion
  4. 2018_09_13_Response_Respondents_Motion for Fees — Corrected


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