Case XIII Eugster v. WSBA and Justices of Supreme Court

Eugster v. WSBA and Justices of Supreme Court,  WAED No. 2:17-cv-00392 TOR

This action has to do with the fact the WSBA is controlled by the Washington Supreme Court.  This joint Supreme Court/Washington State Bar Association came about when the Supreme Court amended GR 12.2:

GR 12.2 WASHINGTON STATE BAR ASSOCIATION: PURPOSES, AUTHORIZED ACTIVITIES, AND PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES In the exercise of its inherent and plenary authority to regulate the practice of law in Washington, the Supreme Court authorizes and supervises the Washington State Bar Association’s activities. The Washington State Bar Association carries out the administrative responsibilities and functions expressly delegated to it by this rule and other Supreme Court rules and orders enacted or adopted to regulate the practice of law, including the purposes and authorized activities set forth below.

It is asserted the “Supreme Court/Washington State Bar Association” of GR 12.2 and related parts of the Washington General Rules unconstitutionally infringes upon a lawyer’s fundamental rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.  The test which must be used is strict scrutiny.  See

Doc_9_Amended Complaint

doc-34_Defendants_Motion_ to_dismiss My response is due on April 12, 2018.

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