Case IX Robt. Caruso and Sandra Ferguson v. WSBA et al.

Case 9:  Robert Caruso and Sandra Ferguson v. WSBA, WAWD #2:17-cv-0003-RSM

Issues:  Whether New WSBA 2017 violates freedom of non-association and expression (First Amendment) and right to procedural due process (Fifth Amendment) and the New WSBA has the power to discipline lawyers under the current Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct (ELC).

The trial judge dismissed the case (all of Plaintiffs’ claims) and ordered Steve Eugster to pay the WSBA over $28,000.00 in attorneys fees under Fed. R. Civ. P. 11(b).

There are two Appeals to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Caruso v. WSBA   No. 17-55410 and Eugster v. WSBA No. 17-35529.

 Caruso v. WSBA   No. 17-55410

  1. Opening Brief  2017_09 20_Opening_Brief_Corrected
  2. Response Brief Not filed yet.  (Scheduling order of court said it was due on October 20,  2017.)
  3.  WSBA’s Motion to Consolidate

Eugster v. WSBA No. 17-35529

  1. Opening Brief 2017_10_31_Opening_Brief_WP

Trial Court — Caruso & Ferguson v. WSBA

  1. Doc_1…/2017_10_31_Opening_Brief_WP.pdf
  2. Doc_4_First Amended Complaint
  3. Doc_8_Motion for Summary Judgment
  4. Doc_9_Declaration_SKE
  5. Doc  16 WSBA Motion to Dismiss
  6. Doc_18_Response to Motion to Dismiss
  7. Doc_19_Declaration of Stephen Eugster
  8. WSBA Motion for Fees (Not filed))
  9. Doc_21 Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss
  10. Doc_28 Decision
  11. Notice of Appeal filed on May 12, 2017
  12. Doc_33  Decision on Rule 11 etc. Motion of Defendants


Motion for Pre-Filing Order

  1. doc_61 Motion_Prefiling Order
  2. doc_62_Declaration Flevaris
  3. Doc_63_Response to Motion_Pre-Filing
  4. Doc_64_Motion to Disqualify
  5. doc_65_Order Denying Motion Disqualify
  6. Doc-66 Reply

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