Case 7 WSBA Records

This matter (Case VII) concerns WSBA records.  Eugster seeks the names, admit dates, bar numbers, and email addresses of WSBA members.  The eventual determination may be may made in Superior Court of Washington under the Public Records Act, RCW Ch. 42.56.

WSBA Public Records, GR 12.4

  1. 2016_07_29_07_Appeal First appeal
  2. 2016_08_23_Appeal_RRAO Second appeal
  3. 2016_08_22_Appendix to Appeal Records Request Appeal Office (RRAO)
  4. 2016_08_25_ltt_M.Ryan_RRAO
  5. 2016_09_28_wsba-response-brief-w-attachments Response of WSBA to Eugster Appeal to RRAO
  6. S2017_01_09 Supreme Court Order 25700-B-571

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