Case V Due Process, WAED


Case 5, Eugster v. Littlewood, et al., District Court, Eastern District of Washington, No. 2:15-CV-00352-SAB, District Court, Discipline System, Procedural Due Process

Case 5 raises two issues

  • Whether the WSBA Washington Lawyer Discipline System (the whole system) violates Eugster’s fundamental right of procedural due process of law.
  • Whether the WSBA Discipline System is unconstitutional because its creation violates strict scrutiny.
  1. Complaint  filed on December 22, 2015
  2. Amended Complaint filed on March 9, 2016
  3. doc_16_Motion to Dismiss
  4. doc_17-1_Motion Appendix
  5. Doc_17-1 Response to Motion to Dismiss
  6. doc_17-1_Motion_Appendix
  7. doc_18_reply_defendants
  8. doc_19_order_dismissing_case with prejudice

Appeal to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

  1. 2016_10_10_Opening_Brief
  2. 2016_10_10_Vol_I Excerpts of Record Vol. 1
  3. 2016_10_10_Vol_II Excerpts of Record Vol. 2
  4. Doc_9 Appellee’s Brief
  5. Doc_10_1 Supplemental Excerpts of Record
  6. Doc_11-1  Motion to Take Judicial Notice
  7. Doc_12 Order Extending Time to File
  8. Doc_15 Reply of Appellant
  9. Doc_16-1  Motion to Take Judicial Notice
  10. Doc_17  Reply of Appellant
  11. Doc_19 Defendant’s Appellee’s Response to Motion to Take Judicial Notice
  12. Doc_21 Appellant’s [second] Motion to Take Judicial Notice

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