Receivership for the Washington State Bar Association

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The Washington State Bar Association must be placed into a receivership. The Association known as the WSBA or state bar is a legal entity which was created by the Washington state legislature under the State Bar Act of 1933.

The Association is an “integrated Bar Association.” It is a legal entity with the power to sue and be sued and to purchase and sell assets and to pursue the objects of the Association. The objects are the regulation of the legal profession and the improvement of the quality of legal services. The members of the Association are, at any given time, lawyers who have been admitted to the bar of the Washington state Supreme Court. The members are the owners of the assets of the Bar Association.

The Bar Association is no longer able to pursue its objectives. The Association has been taken over by a new Association created by the members of the Board of Governors of the Bar Association. It has also been assumed by the Supreme Court.

The new Association and the Supreme Court are using the assets of the Bar Association. The Association has assets more than $12 million. The Bar Association, its assets, and the property rights of its members must be protected. A receivership is thus called for under the provisions of the Washington receivership laws, RCW Chapter 7.60.

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