Seattle Attorney Disbarred: Convicted and Sentenced — 2 Years

The Seattle Times reports:

Edward Joseph Callow represented a client who was permanently disabled in a car wreck. Nationwide Insurance agreed to pay her a $25,000 advance, plus a $500,000 settlement. But Callow told her the settlement was for only $250,000, and that he would keep one-third of that for attorney’s fees. He also kept the advance.

The Supreme Court has disbarred Mr. Callow.  The WSBA reports:

Edward J. Callow (WSBA No. 41966, admitted 2009), of Seattle, was disbarred, effective 12/02/2013, by order of the Washington Supreme Court. The lawyer’s conduct violated the following Rules of Professional Conduct: 1.4 (Communication), 1.15A (Safeguarding Property), 1.15B (Required Trust Account Records), 1.16 (Declining or Terminating Representation), 7.3 (Direct Contact with Prospective Clients), 8.4 (Misconduct). Marsha Matsumoto represented the Bar Association. Kenneth Scott Kagan represented Respondent. David Martin Schoeggl was the hearing officer. The online version of NWLawyer contains links to the following documents: Hearing Officer’s Decision; Disciplinary Board Recommendation; and Washington Supreme Court Order.

This Mr. Callow is not to be confused with Justice Keith Callow — a fine man and a good jurist. He was the Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court for a time.  He was defeated in and election 1990 by relatively unknown lawyer, Charles W. Johnson (who is also a good judge and a fine man).

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