Future of the WSBA: A Voluntary Washington Bar Association

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The future WSBA will become, will have to become, an entity which can no longer compel Washington Lawyers to be members and pay dues.  It will become voluntary.  One of its activities will be the continuation the WSBA’s Continuing Education Function.

As it confronts this possibility, this necessity, one needs only look at how much costs privately for a lawyer to gain CLE credit in certain areas of the law.  Today, I received a advertisement of a private CLE entity regarding the Columbia River.

I cannot imagine a lawyer who would not like to know about the law and the Columbia River.  A private continuing education entity charges $525.00 for a CLE on the Columbia River for one day.  See http://www.theseminargroup.net/seminardetl.aspx?id=16.rivWA.  One would estimate more than one/half of the today’s  compelled members of the WSBA cannot afford such an expense.

The future WSBA could do so, could provide a Columbia River CLE,  and at much cheaper cost and with much more legal and practical teaching.  Imagine, a bar association energetically putting on a major legal and publicly important Continuing Education Course.  A Columbia River (Washington State Bar (a new bar association) for Washington’s lawyers).

Washington lawyers need only have the courage to establish a free Washington Bar Association.


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Written by Stephen Eugster