The Washington Lawyer Discipline System — The US Supreme Court — “Pie in the Sky”

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I have heard it said that a lawyer who has been disbarred by the Washington Supreme Court can always appeal to the United States Supreme.  What is meant by lawyers who say this can only mean that the disbarred lawyer can petition the United States Supreme court for a writ of certiorari — this means one can ask the Supreme Court to take review of the case.

Anyone would like to hope she could get the United States Supreme Court to take the case on.  But, it would be a hope against hope.  One’s chances are next to nil.  One is stuck in the WSBA Washington Lawyer Discipline System.  (For some reason, thoughts of Franz Kafka come to mind.)

The starry eyed lawyer in awe of the WSBA Washington Lawyer Discipline System will defend the system as if it were a favorite college basketball team.   Such lawyers say — and have to me, said,  “you can always go to the United States Supreme Court.”  Such lawyers lack reason, judgment, and an ability to accept reality.  Do not listen to them.

For  a disbarred lawyer to get her case to the United States Supreme Court is next to impossible.  This New York Times Editorial of December 25, 2014, has a few things to say in my defense of this conclusion.  Be sure you go to the “links” in the piece.  Here is the cite — The Best Lawyers Money Can Buy.

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Written by Stephen Eugster