Case IX Prefiling Motion of WSBA

WSBA Motion for Prefiling Order

The attorneys for the WSBA Defendants have filed a “prefiling” motion.¬† The purpose is to compel Eugster to prefile¬†certain pleadings for court approval before they may be filed.

Trial Docket

  1. doc_61 Motion_Prefiling Order
  2. doc_62_Declaration Flevaris
  3. Doc_63_Response to Motion_Pre-Filing
  4. Doc_64_Motion to Disqualify
  5. doc_65_Order Denying Motion Disqualify
  6. Doc-66 Reply
  7. Doc_67_Order re No Disqualification
  8. Doc_68_Order re Pre-filing
  9. Doc_69_Notice of Appeal

9th Circuit, Opening Brief is due October 12, 2018

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