Discipline Notices — The Northwest Lawyer

WSBA Washington Lawyer Discipline Notices are published in the Northwest Lawyer under “Disciplinary Notices.”  The sanction or discipline may be an reprimand, suspension or disbarment or resignation in lieu of disbarment.

To find the Discipline Notices go to the WSBA NWLawyer website.  Select the issue you want, or think you want.  Then on the left side of the screen click on Discipline Notices.  You will be taken to the Discipline Notices in that particular issue.  The notices themselves will include links to the actions taken in each discipline case.

From the notice, you will not know what the lawyer did unless you open the documents of the discipline.  The notice will say what RPCs are involved.  The RPCs, in most cases, do not define what conduct is prohibited.  The conduct prosecuted is conduct the WSBA discipline lawyer on the case contends violates this or that RPC rule.  Thus, you have to look and the linked materials.

It would be more informative if the Discipline Notice 1) described the conduct, 2) tied the conduct to a particular RPC violated, and 3) described the sanction imposed how it was arrived at.


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