Discipline Notices — Can they be improved?

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Lawyer discipline article in the Orlando Sentinel. Here I how the article described the discipline and the basis of the discipline.  Note, the article does not say what rules were violated. Blankner, 217 N.E. Ivanhoe Blvd., also received a public reprimand. According to a news release from the Florida Bar, court officials with the Fifth District Court of Appeals had noted problems with Blankner’s performance including filing late documents, repeat requests for extensions of time to file briefs, failed to respond or timely respond to orders from the court and failed to supervise an associate attorney, among other issues. Oviedo …

Discipline Notices — The Northwest Lawyer

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WSBA Washington Lawyer Discipline Notices are published in the Northwest Lawyer under “Disciplinary Notices.”  The sanction or discipline may be an reprimand, suspension or disbarment or resignation in lieu of disbarment. To find the Discipline Notices go to the WSBA NWLawyer website.  Select the issue you want, or think you want.  Then on the left side of the screen click on Discipline Notices.  You will be taken to the Discipline Notices in that particular issue.  The notices themselves will include links to the actions taken in each discipline case. From the notice, you will not know what the lawyer did …

Being Disbarred

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There was a story in USA Today some time ago about what it is like to be disbarred.  Go here.

More on the bodybuilder prosecutor

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There is more to the story of the prosecutor and the felon.  Here is todays news by Shawn Vestal, in the Spokesman-Review.  The story is becoming more interesting.

We are billing our way out of representation of the middle class

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Lawyers are billing more than the middle class can afford.  WSJ Report: 3.7 Million Use Legal Self-Help Centers – Law Blog .

As the world turns, body builder prosecutor in Spokane trouble

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Here is some interesting lawyer news — KXLY – Spokane.  And more at the Spokesman Review,  Spokane County prosecutor linked to felon by texts, video, bikini photo. Regarding the bikini picture mentioned in the SR article– that is what Ms. Wright must wear in body building competitions.  One should not make much if it.  After all, Faith Ireland (used to be Faith Enyeart, Ireland has more panache for elections) was a champion weight lifter when she was on the Washington Supreme Court.

So you want to go to Federal Court ? — The Younger Abstention Doctrine

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The federal court will abstain.  It’s called the Younger Abstention Doctrine. Younger v. Harris, 401 U.S. 37, 91 S. Ct. 746, 27 L. Ed. 2d 669 (1971). Younger was used in Canatella v. California, 404 F.3d 1106, 1109 – 1110 (9th Cir. 2005) by the federal court to dismiss a case where an attorney sought to have the court address certain First Amendment issues regarding the bar association’s interest in disciplining him: The Middlesex Factors: “Absent `extraordinary circumstances’, abstention in favor of state judicial proceedings is required if the state proceedings (1) are ongoing, (2) implicate important state interests, and …

Eugster Response to WSBA Governance Task Force Report

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The response by Steve Eugster to the WSBA Governance Task Force Report is here: 2014_08_12a_letter_judicial_power_deunification.  The WSBA Board of Governors is expected to consider the Governance Task Force Report at its September 2014 meeting in Seattle.

Seattle Attorney Disbarred: Convicted and Sentenced — 2 Years

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The Seattle Times reports: Edward Joseph Callow represented a client who was permanently disabled in a car wreck. Nationwide Insurance agreed to pay her a $25,000 advance, plus a $500,000 settlement. But Callow told her the settlement was for only $250,000, and that he would keep one-third of that for attorney’s fees. He also kept the advance. The Supreme Court has disbarred Mr. Callow.  The WSBA reports: Edward J. Callow (WSBA No. 41966, admitted 2009), of Seattle, was disbarred, effective 12/02/2013, by order of the Washington Supreme Court. The lawyer’s conduct violated the following Rules of Professional Conduct: 1.4 (Communication), …

Nebraska Supreme Court Deunifies the Nebraska Integrated Bar

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On December 6, 2013, the Nebraska Supreme Court issued its decision s petition for a rule change. See In re Petition for a Rule Change to Create a Voluntary State Bar of Nebraska, 286 Neb. 1018, 841 N.W.2d 167 (2013).  In its decision, the Nebraska Supreme Court chose to retain the NSBA as a mandatory bar association but restricted NSBA activities that may be funded by mandatory dues to the following six categories, which were found to be germane to the regulation of the legal profession: Admitting qualified applicants to membership in the NSBA; Maintaining the records of membership;s members; …