The Costs of the WSBA Discipline System

Posted On Feb 8 2016 by

There are 35,000 members of the WSBA. About 100 or so are disciplined each year — that’s a paltry .0028 % of the 35,000 members. The WSBA pays about $5,000,000 a year to achieve this result – that is about 48% of the WSBA’s lawyer license revenue in a fiscal year. That’s about $50,000 on average per disciplined member per year. The cost to the individual on the other side of the WSBA Washington Lawyer Discipline System equation might be as much as $250,000 together with the impact to the lawyer’s reputation. — “What others believe or have opinions generally held about someone or something.”

The Primary Purpose of the WSBA

Posted On May 30 2015 by

The primary purpose of the WSBA is to discipline Washington lawyers.  Not only does over 48% of WSBA yearly dues go to the discipline function, the major rationale for establishing the WSBA, an integrated bar, was to give lawyers the opportunity to tell the public, the people who seek lawyer services, that the WSBA was always disciplining and weeding out bad lawyers.  Thus, the discipline system is a major selling point for WSBA lawyers. The facts of how the system operates, which lawyers are targeted for discipline, the thousands of consumer calls the WSBA gets in a year, prosecution initiated …