Confidence in the Court Washington

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Confidence of the Court — Denver

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Colorado Chief Justice Brian Boatright admits “crisis of confidence” in courts amid scandal

Letter to State Supreme Court and WSBA Board of Governors

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On November 18, 2020, I paid my WSBA 2021 dues under protest.  My letter to the Justices of the State Supreme Court and the Governors of the WSBA Board of Governors can be found at this link: 2020_11_18_Payment of Dues Under Protest

Helena Star, by Stewart Riley, WSBA

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Riley, Stewart. Helena Star: An Epic Adventure Through the Murky Underworld of International Drug Smuggling. Robert D. Reed Publishers. Kindle Edition. Amazon, Kindle, and Paperback Stewart Riley has given us a fine book, a remarkable book. It is about a young man from Spokane, the largest city on the vast northern tier expanse between Seattle and Minneapolis/St. Paul. In 1966, Stew Riley became a student at the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle. The time was long before Seattle on the West Coast became the East Coast darling at the other end of the Yellowstone Trail. Claiming to …

Eugster v. Washington Supreme Court Justices

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Today I filed an Application for Leave to File — complaint against the individual justices of the Washington Supreme Court. The issue is whether the WSBA an integrated association of lawyers, limited practice officers, and limited license legal technicians violates the holding in Janus v, AFSCME. This case is different from the petition for writ of certiorari of  Jarchow v. Wisconsin State Bar Association now before the United States Supreme Court Docket Doc_4_Application for Leave Doc_4-1 2020_04_13_Draft of Complaint_Case 13A Doc_5 Motion to Disqualify Judge Doc_5-1_Declaration ISOM Motion to Disqualify Judge  

Caruso v. WSBA, FRCP Rule 60 Motions, Summary Dismissal // Petition for Rehearing En Banc

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The bar association filed a 9th Circuit R. 3-6 motion.  I have responded with a Petition for Rehearing En Banc.  Doc_17_Petition for Re Hearing En Banc

Fleck v. Wetch

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The Supreme Court will consider the new Fleck Petition for Cert.  It has been distributed for conference this coming Friday, March 6, 2020. Here is a Geo. Will column on February 28, 2020 —

Fleck v. Wetch, 8th Circuit Order, Briefing and Argument

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No. 16-1564. JUDGE ORDER: On December 3, 2018, the Supreme Court vacated this court’s judgment and remanded the matter for further consideration in light of Janus v. State, County and Municipal Employees, 138 S.Ct. 2448 (2018). On January 9, 2019, the court reopened this case. The parties are directed to file supplemental briefs addressing the issues on remand. Appellant’s brief is due February 15, 2019, and appellees’ brief is due March 15, 2019. Appellant’s reply brief, if any, is due March 29, 2018. The principal supplemental briefs shall not exceed 10,000 words, and appellant’s reply brief shall not exceed 5,000 words. It …

Arizona Bar Petition: Separate Regulatory and Trade Association Functions

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Dear Friends and Colleagues: Yesterday, the Goldwater Institute filed a petition asking the Arizona Supreme Court to amend the rules governing the State Bar of Arizona to separate the regulatory and trade association functions along the lines adopted by the Nebraska Supreme Court and comparable to bar reform legislation sponsored by Rep. Anthony Kern in the Arizona Legislature the past few years. In addition, the petition asks for the implementation of heightened financial transparency requirements via a detailed and independent annual audit of the Arizona Bar’s expenditures. A copy of the rule petition is attached. Also see the explanatory links …

Washington Supreme Court and the Bar Structure Work Group

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The Washington Supreme Court exercising its power over the WSBA and members under GR 12.2 has created a Bar Structure Work Group. The court neglects to mention Eugster v. WSBA and Justices of the Supreme Court.  The case is on appeal to the 9th Circuit, all briefs have been filed.