Janus v. AFSCME

By | July 8, 2018

It looks like Janus v. AFSCME may have direct application to the issue of whether the Washington Supreme Court/ WSBA  (see General Rule 12.2) meets exacting scrutiny under the First Amendment. See also, Arnold Fleck v. North Dakota Bar Association (Wetch) petition for writ of certiorari.  Go here.    

Cases I Am Working On These Days

By | May 27, 2018

Over the next two weeks I will be working on a response to a motion for attorneys fees against me by Executive Director Littlewood, Case XII, motion to dismiss the personal injury action I have brought against the Bar Association and others in Spokane County Superior Court, Case XXII, and my opening brief in the… Read More »

Case 9:  Robert Caruso and Sandra Ferguson v. WSBA, WAWD #2:17-cv-0003-RSM

By | May 23, 2018

Case 9:  Robert Caruso and Sandra Ferguson v. WSBA, WAWD #2:17-cv-0003-RSM Issues:  Whether New WSBA 2017 violates freedom of non-association and expression (First Amendment) and right to procedural due process (Fifth Amendment) and the New WSBA has the power to discipline lawyers under the current Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct (ELC). The trial judge… Read More »

Washington Lawyer Defense Project

By | March 26, 2018

Washington Lawyer Defense is now Washington Lawyer Defense Project. Efforts called “Washington Lawyer Defense” begun early on, are still on-going in one way or another.  Today, however, the efforts have expanded into a broader effort, a larger project. So, the name change.   Washington Lawyer Defense Project.  For example, as the work progressed, other seemingly matters would… Read More »

Petition for Writs of Mandamus to Justices of Supreme Court of Washington

By | November 5, 2017

Steve Eugster has filed a case in the Washinton Supreme Court seeking writs of mandamus to each of the justices of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in writs of mandamus against state officers. Wash. Const. Art. IV, Section 4.  The Court will have to create a temporary Supreme Court pursuant to Wash. Const.… Read More »

Pro se Eugster v. WSBA

By | October 24, 2017

Pro se Eugster v. WSBA, is a separate appeal coming from Caruso et al. v. WSBA et al.  It has to do with an order of the court awarding the WSBA some $28,000 plus from Pro se Eugster.  The Opening Brief will be filed on or before November 1, 2017.  The brief will focus, significantly,… Read More »